Design Requirement Canvas

Activity Time
1 - 1.5 hr
36”x48” poster paper, sticky notes, sharpies (digital version also possible)
Internal Project Team

To guide your design decisions going forward, it is helpful to create a set of core design requirements. These design requirements are high level considerations that every design decision must meet, keeping the designs on track in terms of goals and findings from our research. This canvas helps you to brainstorm requirements across a variety of areas and then helps you narrow them down to eight core requirements.


  1. Brainstorm what is required for your designs to be successful, considering the Design Challenge and Success Metrics you defined earlier as well as previous research.
  2. Try to come up with at least three requirements per category – this might not be easy, but push yourself to come up with them by thinking beyond the obvious.
  3. Lastly, narrow down your requirements to the eight you feel will have the most impact – again, this won’t necessarily be easy or obvious, and sometimes it requires combining requirements.
  4. Once you have your eight, consider wordsmithing and polishing the requirements, then send the doc around so the team is aligned. You can also share this with your client for approval if your team is client-facing.
  5. Next up, we will find some examples of our requirements in the wild with Precedent Gathering


PDF Template