Effort/Impact Matrix

Activity Time
poster paper, sticky notes, sharpies
Internal Project Team

After the Idea Generation phase, it’s time to select which ideas make the most sense to move forward with. The Effort/Impact Matrix is one way to do this by plotting out the feasibility and impact of ideas.


  1. Print out the Effort/Impact Matrix as a large poster and hang it up.
  2. Gather sticky note ideas from previous activities or write out all your current ideas on stickies.
  3. Discuss and plot each idea on the matrix, thinking about how feasible the idea is and how impactful it is.
  4. Everything on the right side of the matrix should definitely be considered further – innovative and feasible ideas are differentiators. While the feasible and ordinary are not as groundbreaking, they may be necessary. The innovative ideas that aren’t yet feasible are worth keeping around as future or “next phase” ideas.


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