Activity Time
6–8 hours (developing questions, assembling survey, finding participants, analyzing results)
Survey creation tool (e.g. TypeForm or Google Surveys)
Internal Team Project Members (ideally 2 minimum) + Client Editorial Representative (to sign off on the survey and potentially assist in sourcing participants)

When to use a survey:

If you need to better understand how a community broadly feels about something, consider using a survey. It’s important to supplement survey research with more in-depth research since you can only get so deep via the survey method. Surveys are a useful way to capture customer feedback and can often be useful as a proxy to gauge customer satisfaction levels over time.

How to write a good survey:

It takes time to craft a good survey with questions that will yield you meaningful insights. Check out this article on survey questions that work .

What to make your survey in:

Our go-to survey tools are Google Forms, Google Surveys, and TypeForm.

How to find survey participants.

There are a variety of ways to source participants. We first like to check with the client to see if we can send a survey to their loyal newsletter subscribers or post a survey link on their website because then we know we are getting feedback from real users. If the client is simply not open to that we have had great experiences sourcing participants through Reddit forums, purchasing participants through whichever survey tool we are using, or posting links in relevant Slack channels.