Research Questionnaire

Activity Time
Around 10-15 minutes per interviewee
8.5x11 paper x the number of people you want to interview
Internal Team Project Members

A very important step in the Discovery phase is to interview stakeholders and users to understand their perspective and needs. This questionnaire will help you to come up with the questions that will get you the information you need.


  1. Print out an 8.5×11 sheet for each person you want to interview.
  2. For each person, write their name, title, and circle whether they are a user or a stakeholder.
  3. The first section identifies what we think we know and the assumptions we want to test, as well as what we know we want to learn. Brainstorm these boxes with your team.
  4. Next, brainstorm questions for each of the boxes – facts about the interviewee’s role, their objectives, how they feel, and ideas they may have to move the project forward.
  5. From this document, you can go on to create Interview Scripts.


PDF Template