Lean Survey Canvas

Activity Time
45 minutes - 1hr
8.5x11 paper
Internal Team Project Members

Sometimes we can’t reach the people we need to talk to for an interview or need a large sample of people, so that’s where a survey comes in. The Lean Survey worksheet exists to help you craft a concise survey that targets the right people. This exercise will help you determine what information is most important to gain and how to ask for it concisely.


  1. First, determine what you want to learn from your survey, and what you know already and don’t need to ask about (make sure it’s not an assumption!).
  2. This will help you to determine who you want your survey to target and who you want to leave out.
  3. Then, move on to crafting the survey. Start with an intro, which should be inviting and briefly explain why you are conducting the survey.
  4. Next, ask your screener question. This should be a demographic/interest-based question aimed at making sure the survey is going to people from the “People We Need” section and not “People We Don’t Need.”
  5. Craft your survey questions based on what you need to know. To keep the respondents attention, we recommend not asking above seven questions.
  6. Finally, thank your participants and let them know next steps if applicable.
  7. The next step is to send this survey out in relevant channels where you can find your target survey takers.


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