Team Audit Worksheet

Activity Time
20-30 minutes depending on team size
A sheet of 8.5x11 paper for each participant, pencils
Client Stakeholders + Internal Team Project Members - Try to get everyone involved in this. A kickoff is a good time to do this.

When beginning a project, it’s important to get to know your new teammates. Learning about the skillset, work style, needs, and interests of the stakeholders you will be working with will make the process smoother – getting to know each other as people will make things more friendly, relaxed, and accommodating on both sides. It’s also a fun icebreaker!


  1. Print out a Team Audit Worksheet for each member of the team – including your team and the client team.
  2. Spend 5-10 minutes filling out worksheets individually.
  3. Go around the room one box at a time, and discuss your answers.


PDF Template