Usability Checklist

This type of heuristic look can be especially powerful for a website redesign project or the expansion of an existing web service or product offering. By measuring the existing user experience against current design best-practices and precepts, we are able to expose issues around things like navigation, wayfinding, branding consistency, information design, and accessibility.

Our Usability Checklist takes an objective measure of several dimensions across the following categories:

Accessibility – Does the site conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards for providing access to users with differing abilities?

Identity – Is it generally apparent who is behind the current site?

Navigation – Does the site meet current best practices and standards for navigating from place to place?

Content – Is the content designed to maximize legibility, readability and media consumption?

GPRP Compliance – Does the site meet front-end compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy regulations?

Front-End Performance – Have modern front-end code practices and standards been employed to maximize load time and site performance?

SEO – Are page elements properly formatted and structured to maximize white-hat search optimization?

This checklist has been adapted from the 25 Point Checklist published by


Usability Checklist Google Sheets Document Template