Lotus Blossom

Activity Time
1hr (+2-3 hours independent research)
36”x48” poster paper, sticky notes, sharpies (personal 8.5 x 11 version also available)
Internal Project Team

We’re not reinventing the wheel with our project, and there’s probably some great, relevant examples of good design out in the wild that we can find and learn from. We’re going to take the Design Requirements that we’ve created and look for examples of those requirements at work to gain insights on how they can work for us.


  1. Write the design challenge we created with Design Challenge Canvas on a sticky note and place it in the middle of the poster.
  2. Write the 8 design requirements on post-its and attach them to the “petals” A-H around the middle.
  3. Have each participant look for an inspirational example for each design requirement in the wild. Write the examples on post-its and attach them to the corresponding outer petals.
  4. Think about what makes this example so successful. Attach post-its with the 8 most important characteristics around the example. Try hard to get to 8 for each!


Sketch Template PDF Template