User Journey Template

Activity Time
8.5 x 11 paper, pens/pencils
Internal Project Team

More high fidelity than the Storyboard Template, the User Journey template asks you to analyze the stages of a user’s journey through using a product or service by recording their actions and thoughts and feelings through each stage. In addition we record the channel or medium of each stage as well as opportunities to improve. The user journey template can be used to justify a new idea or record the current journey of the user during the Discovery phase.


  1. Write each stage of the user’s journey in broad terms. For an online clothing store, for example, this may be something like “User hears about Site. User Browses clothing. User selects Clothing. User checks out” etc.
  2. Write out the actions a user will take at each stage in more detail.
  3. Take the time to understand what the user is thinking and feeling at each stage and how that affects the process.
  4. If applicable, identify the different channels a user will perform the stage in. Email, offline, Social Media, etc.
  5. Lastly, identify opportunities that can be uncovered and utilized to make the journey better for the user and stakeholders alike.
  6. Repeat for other ideas you may have
  7. Use the user journey to present an idea to the team or polish them for a client. During the Discovery phase, you can use this template to illustrate how a user goes about a current journey and identify what could be done better.


PDF Template