Gameplan Worksheet

Activity Time
1 Hour
36”x48” Team Gameplan poster paper, sticky notes, sharpies (digital version also possible)
Core, Day-to-Day Client Stakeholders + Core Internal Team Project Members (minimum of 2: one workshop lead, one scribe)

This exercise is all about normalizing the team and setting some ground rules for the duration of the project.


  1. Capture the important points from every team member’s Team Audit. Wherever patterns emerge (i.e., everyone hates late afternoon meetings) note them and create a general team norm that addresses it.
  2. If a team member has indicated an interest in learning or developing a certain skill, try and note that so the team can have the expectation of giving that team member the room and support they need.
  3. Pet peeves should also be addressed here. If the team can agree that a pet peeve can be reasonably avoided, create a norm around it.
  4. Finally, lay out a rough timeline for the project (what you know at this point) and note any times where team members will be away or otherwise indisposed from the project. This way you can avoid deliverable dates and deadlines that conflict with those team member’s interruptions.


PDF Template