Deliverable Gut Check Exercise

Activity Time
30min - 1hr
36” x 48” poster, sharpies
Internal Project Team (Everyone if possible, at least the project leads)

When deliverables are defined in the SOW, the project is in its infancy. After going through the Discovery phase, we have learned so much more about the unique challenges of users and stakeholders than what we knew before. Because of this, we shouldn’t be afraid to tweak deliverables if we believe one thing might be more useful than another (with, of course, permission from our client). Doing a Deliverable Gut Check internally makes sure that everyone still agrees on the deliverables originally defined given our new knowledge.


  1. Print out the canvas large and get the whole team together.
  2. Go through the SOW and assign someone to write out the deliverables.
  3. Line by line go through the deliverables and discuss if they still make sense given the state of the project.
  4. If a deliverable doesn’t make sense, discuss a replacement that both the internal team and stakeholders can get behind.
  5. Once the deliverables are solidified and agreed upon, you are ready to officially begin the Definition phase.


PDF Template