Inspiration & Precedent Gathering

Precedent Gathering is a way for us to stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before us. We collect the very best examples of instances where the requirements set in out Project Pillars have already been solved for us. Precedent Gathering is all about not reinventing the wheel.

Rather than just wandering the internet aimlessly, we will leverage our Project Pillars and the high-level requirements they define. We will find examples of those specific requirements that have been solved by other designers, either digitally or analog.  We will then discrete these examples and define exactly what from a feature, functionality, content or visual design perspective is present in these precedents that make them a successful implementation of a given requirement.

Requirements for which there are no solid precedents are the breeding ground for innovation. We will ideate around those requirements and synthesize new solutions. Because we have done the work of leveraging existing solutions through Precedent Gathering, we can be confident that we’ll have the bandwidth to focus on the truly innovative aspects of the project.