If you’ve resisted the urge to start “solutioning” up to this point, and you’ve done the rigorous work of defining your Project Scope, Core Objective and Project Pillars, your hard work and patience are about to pay off in a big way. More importantly, you’re about to begin the task of defining your project solutions!

Ideation is where we do just that. Ideation is broken into three sub-phases:

Precedent Gathering is a way for us to stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before us. We collect the very best examples of instances where the requirements set in out Project Pillars have already been solved for us. Precedent Gathering is all about not reinventing the wheel.


Idea Generation is where we put on our most creative hats on and work collaboratively to synthesize new ideas. Idea Generation focuses our efforts towards new and innovative pockets of a project now that we have gathered the best precedents to cover the aspects of the project that have a pre-existing solution we can leverage.

Arguably this most important step in Ideation is Idea Selection. Here, we sift through all of the great precedents we’ve gathered as well as the innovative ideas we’ve synthesized and measure them. Only the ideas that will give us the best chance to achieve our Project Pillar requirements (thus achieving our Project Objective) all while falling inside the boundaries of the Project Scope will make the cut.